Homespun Cottage 3-Day Occasional Sale

Come visit us this Thursday-Friday-Saturday for our February Occasional Sale. We're stitching on old quilts, we have linenes, sewing collectibles. attic finds, vintage valentines, stickley rocker, corner cupboards, 50's retro tables, old crocks, cookbooks, aprons, ice skates, sleds, all things that were memories of helping Grandma make a warm cozy quilt. February 10-11-12. We've got the home first burning, wander through our cozy rooms to find something new for your home.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011 schedule for Back Porch Vintage

July 14-15-16 "I'm on the Porch" 3-day Occasional Sale

August 11-12-13 "At The Lake" 3-day occasional sale

September 8-9-10 "Pumpkin Patch Primitives"

October 13-14-15 "Autumn Splendor"

November 10-11-12 "Making Spirits Bright"

December 8-9-10 "O Holy Night"

January "Things Quaint and Old"

February 2012 "Woolen Mittens"

March 2012 "Attic Dust"